Cordon Bleu

Maggi takes a lot longer than 2 minutes to make. In fact it takes a whole 8 minutes to become comestible. My cooking skills (generally thought to be exceptional, just by me!) are such that I managed to burn maggi. Yes impossible as though this feat sounds, I, my friends have managed successfully to burn instant noodles and render them quite inedible. A brainwave hit me only recently and that’s when I discovered the joys of microwaving maggi. Submerge in a pot of water. Shove it in for 6 minutes. Take it out, add tastemaker, 2 more minutes. Generously lather with ketchup, and voila..Dinner’s ready. Its’ ok to thank me for another recipe..all in a day’s work for me. Similar experiments have led me to find the perfect coffee too. American coffee is a bland thin affair, lacking sorely in the strength, flavor and richness of Indian coffee, especially south Indian decoction, straight out of amma’s kitchen. Nevertheless, being a roman in rome, I have adapted myself to the rubbish Americans drink as coffee. The weird decoction, with 4-5 servings of cream, and 2 sugars with skimmed milk somewhat make it human. Still, the punch is missing. Indian coffee hits you with a rich aroma, and a bitter-sweet taste and manages to leave an aftertaste too. Drunk hot, with foam on top..aah the small joys of life.



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7 responses to “Cordon Bleu

  1. Bharat

    Dude u spoke my mind…I miss the filter coffee…never knew I was such a tamilian!

  2. vitruvian

    i feel like having a breakfast of coffee and maggi after this….yummm…

  3. buddy

    coffee and maggi?i must try that…

  4. Solitaire

    You should not have…I am addicted to Maggi…and you just made my life a bit simpler, and my addiction a bit worse.BTW, I love the taste of burnt maggi.And I cannot try coffee and maggi because I do not drink coffee!

  5. buddy

    #solitairewait till i come out with my own cookbook!

  6. raki

    u r absolutely 100% Right..Even then I like American coffee with french vanilla flavour, cream and sugar,, I like this too..

  7. raki

    Moreovr guys from this u shd understand he doen’t know how to cook even maggi..I am his roomate..plz think of my situation when I eat the food that he cookedgod s saving me for past 6 months..

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