Jab we met…

Good postings, and a few comments later we have a decently running blog…for most of who are wondering about the mysteriously intelligent bloggers a short history..Flashback to august 2004, another boring day in college for me when out of nowhere i hear this chick..babbling away to glory, making no sonse at all..intrigued i moved in for a closer look and i was greeted by a mass of hair (seriously..u have to see it to believe it, entire books can’t do justice to the amount of hair sneha possesses..lets just say its as long as her). Behind all the hair, lay a garrulous, talkative gal. The one trait of constantly talking with no purpose whatsoever sealed our friendship that day. Also the fact that sneha would befriend even a tree-stump, given a half hour..still id like to think it was my brilliant personality that did the trick ;)From being aquaintances, to being the best debate team our college ever saw (people never even realized what hit them) from organizing stuff in fests to serious discussions about life, friends we stayed.Only after i moved 14,000 kilometers apart (NO..no romance here..i can see you getting wide-eyed…) did i realize that i actually missed all her talking..That got us talking again(i know..we dont do much do we?) and blogging. That is how idlichutney was born, it was previously christened chaotic lucidity. Idli chutney is just what we are…Solid Dependable Idli meets Tangy Spicy chutney..much like life no? and also the fact that both of us are ‘madrasis’So there you go.Enjoy reading.



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5 responses to “Jab we met…

  1. vitruvian

    dude…if u say mass of hair in that tone….people are going to think i’m like cousin IT from adams family or something…or worse a bear or something..

  2. vitruvian

    but apart from that…well said… πŸ˜€

  3. swatimala

    tht was sooo sweet…nice read

  4. buddy

    thanks swatimala…and its absolutely true

  5. ranjita

    hey interesting blog u’ve got here. i cn relate to the tam brahm bit so im gna b stayin a while n checking out the rest of ur posts..blog on! n hail idly chutney πŸ™‚

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