Top 10 curses

May your blog be shut down due to excessive comments of a weirdly perverted sexual nature

May aliens invade your loo

May the you have a bout of severe urinary incontinence in public

May you run out of toilet paper half-way through your session

May you be struck down by seventy three different kinds of pox, and be sentenced to serve nubile princesses in heaven as a eunuch

May pus filled pustules invade your body

May you be reborn as Britney Spears

May a thousand crows fart in your eyes

May your underwear turn carnivorous

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits

* Excessive use and incorrect intonation may lead to backfiring of certain curses. The author is not responsible for any unprecedented eventuality and will not take any responsibility for the curser’s mental and anatomical deficiencies



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10 responses to “Top 10 curses

  1. Impressionist

    whoa! those are some serious curses now! 😀 LOL!!I wonder how u come up with such things!!-I

  2. vitruvian

    my goodness….vehemence personified…hey…u’ve used the fleas of camels in the armpits one on me b4…

  3. buddy

    what did u do to merit such a curse from me? trechery? disloyalty? steal my food?

  4. buddy

    @impressionist..wiat for the horoscope next:D

  5. vitruvian

    hey..i dont really remember…but i distinctly remember u using it….i think i stole food!

  6. swatimala

    wow…lolwill use them on some ppland fleas on the armpits seems 2 b ur fav 😛

  7. crumpledpapers

    Now, thats my favourite Food for Thought…. ironic… this blog is named Idli Chutney…good going guys… im enjoying ur blog.. i hope u r enjoying writing as much….btw… u had more curses up your sleeve!!! @buddyMs Vitruvian… loving ur posts… u r really good!! write more…

  8. vitruvian

    @crumpledpapers:thank u.. 🙂 🙂

  9. rakesh

    I thk de author s expressing his uncontrollable feelings in an indirect manner..Anyhow all de best for de author’s underwear to turn carnivorous..

  10. Solitaire

    May you be born as Britney Spears..hahahahahahh!

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