Facebook escapades

Facebook related posts here and here inspired me too. To start using it. I have a facebook account that collects dust. I’m not averse to new technologies, and certainly not to social networking. My Orkut profile boasts a large number of completely useless scraps and I have glowing testimonials. I have fans, ac’s heaters and all else required of a ‘lakshnamana’ profile. But when it comes to using facebook I’m a duffer. My argument is if Orkut is good enough for Google, it’s good enough for me. Besides those pliss make fraandships scraps that my female friends get are hilarious and make my day. Always.

So I struggled with facebook left it and intermittently visited it to add random people. As the days passed by, my profile sat there and I feigned indifference and really dint care too much. One fine morning I got a mail. My mother had added me on facebook. Damn you ma! I said. And promptly got shocked as I visited her profile. All my periammas and chittis were there, poking each other, uploading embarrassing photos of us cousins. Now my family is intelligent, most can give Einstein a decent complex and can stand unfazed in front of pedantic young men and women discussing sub-routines and cache architectures. Most can also argue on the relative merits of town planning in urban India and give ten reasons on why Chettiar Chidambaram is an ass, all this beside reciting obscure couplets. But intelligence, when directed at catching up with progeny can be harmful. And such intelligence by the entire family mafia can effectively put a full stop, to even the most hep of social lives, as my cousin found out to her disadvantage.

“You don’t use facebook kanna? Chee…even that makku ponnu ___ is on it.” Amma pings me thus. So now I must master the nuances of facebook. I must poke, superpoke and do whatever it is that Americans and the ‘hepper ’ Indians do. I must also smile at jabs that aunts throw at me and not be embarrassed by my naked baby photos doing the rounds of the family circuit. As I ponder my life, I get a mail informing me that Appa has added me on Orkut.




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15 responses to “Facebook escapades

  1. vitruvian

    rotfl!!!!ROTFL!!!Awesome dude…but really i know where ur coming from man!!the family is circling like a hawk around my head now…i can just see where they are headed!!

  2. Liberal

    brilliant!Why is the quintessential tambram family closing in on us so fast?Having said that I confess to being a facebook dumbass

  3. sthitapragnya

    ROFL!! Hilarious!! :DI know what you’re talking about, but I have nothing of the sort to fear. My technologically challenged mom even struggles to open the browser and my dad is as oblivious to the social networking sites as the Indian govt. is to the threats it faces! So, there!PS: Interusting profile. U waant to make frandship with me?

  4. chocoliciousgal

    Ha Ha 😀 ..now now u should’ve learnt at least a bit of ‘Superpoke’ 😛

  5. chutneycase

    LOL @ Family mafia. I totally know what you mean. I often feign “oh-im-too-busy-for-all-this’ whenever any of my relatives ask me if I’m on facebook or orkut. My dad doesn’t give a damn about all this, all he cares about is his precious Microsoft Entourage and as you know, my mothers too intimidated by the internet. My cousins however….are a different story. Lucky for us, we have a mutual understanding. I won’t add you, you don’t add me and we’ll both be happy 😉

  6. maxdavinci

    My mom only reads my blog at times, orkut is for devils and I’m glad she doesnt know what FB is.However I find FB/orkut boring nowadays. My frnds not doing too much other than adding random ppl…

  7. buddy

    @vitruvian: Thanks. mafia ganging up to get u married? lol! can i come watch?@liberal: Thanks pa…give me company, dont start using it@karthik: thanks..i will make the fraanndships :). long time no post..?@divya: i know, i know@chutney: us cousins have started looking out for each other now…blood is thicker than frandships@max: wait till they stumble upon my blog…i shudder to think whatll happen!

  8. padmaja

    Ha ha! Good one! I shudder to think what my son would say in a few years about my facebook and orkut profiles?!Anyways, try the text-twirl in facebook.

  9. swatimala

    really funny!

  10. buddy

    @padmaja:Thanks. text twirl? my mind is twirling now… :|@swatimala: Thanks:)

  11. Elusive

    faaamaaalleee, march foward!! :pdnt run, its a lost effort.

  12. rads

    LOL! For once I am glad my parents are clueless about facebook and such. Good one 🙂

  13. buddy

    @elusive: er..thanks?@rads: tech-savvy parents are bad..lol

  14. Sindhu

    Everybody and their dogs have Facebook profiles now – it’s crazy! I remember when the whole Facebook craze started in the U.S (I believe the guy who started it is from Harvard?) and everybody in college had a Facebook profile there. I obviously had to get one too – it was the “in” thing. And, now, it’s become a global addition! P.S – Nice blog!

  15. Viral Doshi

    ROFL… was staring at the comp screen and laughing my head off, for this reason few chicks actually looked at me in computer lab now… :)thanks…

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