Love II

My name is buddy. If things counted that way, I’d be in eighteenth standard now. And this is an attempt to define my ‘crush’. Straightforward enough so far, since writing doesn’t involve being tongue-tied.

I liked you the moment I started speaking to you. Chaos theory applicable in full force. If I hadn’t liked you then, I probably would never have and the liking only increased with time. True to the sighing young man I stuck to clichés, I borrowed your assignment and lent mine away, I asked you for help where none was needed. I think the first time my heart gave a leap and my stomach jolted and I realized that such feelings were possible, was when I saw you in the gray salwar-kameez. I stopped simply to look at you. No blasé comparisions to celestial beings or earthy voluptuousness, just pure admiration for your beauty.

Like the darkness you awoke feelings in me I knew not I had. The green monster frequented me and so did a dark gloom. A lonely melancholy and lop-sided smiles were my company. When you passed on gossip to me, it was a treasured secret, when you laughed at my jokes I felt invincible. Why did you ever not cry at my shoulder? Open at times, cold and aloof at others whatever you were only served to increase your allure.

Like a deep thing of immensity it lay in my heart, with everyday life like falling leaves on a snowy patch. We went our separate ways, as people are eventually wont to. I strangely have no recollection of the last time I met you. Was it when we were both on stage together (your black saree oddly distracting me at every word I spoke)? Or was it the coffee we had (cuppa filter in the rain surrounded by old books)? Or was it at lunch, a meager spread that has never been more scrumptious?

Familiar beasts of old call upon sometimes and I wave them away with a wave of my hand. Will this be of what I will sing when I am lonely? Or write about when it’s cold and I wish coziness? I close with the sunset. Time to move on buddy.



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18 responses to “Love II

  1. Liberal

    Awesome…did not think you had it in you to contemplate a female species with such delicate thoughts!

  2. chutneycase

    machi orey feelings!

  3. buddy

    @liberal:aba..thanks@chutney: orey jaasthi…write a new post so i can laugh!

  4. swatimala

    ur emotional range is not tht of a teaspoon like i used 2 think…its tht of a ladle…really sweet…

  5. sthitapragnya

    *sniff…Waattay….*sniff…louwe! The girl you like in front of you, rain, a cup of hot coffee and old books around? That must have been the Garden of Eden! Nirvana, if you will! But it’d be really sad if she still didn’t know how you feel! I hope she’s reading this!

  6. gradwolf

    waah waah dood! brilliant ba! I am now your fan! Is she reading this? :p

  7. Elusive

    Really beautiful!! If a crush can spout such wonder, I await the day you feel love!

  8. maxdavinci

    damn! looks liek the Khamaj and Atif stuff made you write all this. But then wat prose, simply sublime.But then if the prose has no effect on the one whom its written for, it will be, simply subprime!

  9. buddy

    @swatimala 😐 would u rather me have the range of a barometer?@sthitapragnya: i hope u meant nirvana as in eternal bliss and not the other meaning@gradwolf: directa fan aa? not visiri?i donno if she reads this space at all@elusive: :-s@max: lolchats are dangerous…

  10. chocoliciousgal

    nice post 🙂

  11. vitruvian

    ooops!!! and u know why that was..!!Dude..i had nooo cluueee…tho i think she did 😉

  12. Fat Gujju!

    “blasé comparisions to celestial beings or earthy voluptuousness, just pure admiration for your beauty”…. man i hope she reads…if she is d same female wich i kno thn she is gonna fall in love wid u after readin this…literary wise … plz elaborate more…romance wise … u cud not hav done a bttr job….

  13. padmaja

    why did you let her go?!!! Why? Why? Why?If its any consolation, unrequited love can never be killed by the mundane everyday stuff!! Personal experience, boss! Those days my husband and me used to talk for hours over a single cup of tea. and last week, we went out for dinner and couldn’t think of a single romantic thing to say!!

  14. buddy

    @chocoliciousgal: thanks@maami: sigh!@vitruvian: the oops is scary…lemme talk to u !!!@fat gujju: lets see@padmaja: be my guardian angel please!

  15. Historiophile

    Do not want to sound boastful or show off, I am just stating a fact and the fact is that you write very much like I do or I write very much like you do..whichever way you want to look at it. To me it seems like looking at myself in the mirror, but there your writing scores over mine for I only see beauty and no ugliness as I would wont to do if I observed my own work.A frnd after reading a piece of mine called me a “dramebaaz”. Well you do have a bit of “dramebaazi” in you, with your penchant to bring in the touching and the nostalgic

  16. buddy

    im not as good at poetry

  17. full louwes a? kamaan ya!

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