Hello there. I have been tagged by karthik. This particular one involves myself exposing my quirks to the world. Six is the limit, thankfully and I shall plunge into it without much ado.

1. Symmetry

I border on the obsessive-compulsive when it comes to symmetry. Two exact halves. Straight lines, linear relationships. Since 95% of the world is non-linear, I rigidly enforce the other 5 %. Or at least try to. Any exercise in cleaning my room is an exercise in drawing straight lines. Only 45 degree angles are permitted, and that too only in extreme cases. I usually restrain myself from straightening things, but if I start, there is no end to it. Which is why I don’t clean my room (get it ma?). I once lived in a room with an off-center light on the ceiling, it drove me crazy. Another proof, almost all my posts are justified (margins on both sides). Most blogs I follow are really good, but trailing alphabets bother me. Extending the symmetry schizophrenia, I must use both hands equally. If I touch a strange surface with my left hand, my right hand automatically goes there, otherwise it feels bad. My parents have incessantly pulled my leg over this. If a cold gust of wind hits the left side of my neck, my muffler is adjusted to let the right side feel cold too. Usually I can be found touching things with both hands (I know this sentence doesn’t read too well for my image, but this tag is going to screw me over anyways so what the hell).

1a. Folds

As an extension to the aforementioned, I hate carelessly folded newspapers. I try to restore them to their virginal state after reading, as much as possible, alas the perfectly folded newspaper, once you’ve read it, does not exist.

2. You can’t judge a book by its’ cover

Hence, I smell it. The first thing I do on opening a book is to plunge my nose into its deepest recesses and take a deep breath. And I’m pretty good at it too. If I don’t like the smell of a book, it usually turns out to be a crappy book. If I like the smell, I love the book. Extended to all reading material. Pamphlets smell like shit, Times of India has a rich smell, Indian Express is tolerable. Best smelling book: Lord of the Rings. Worst smelling book: One night at a call centre.

3. 9

I add up numbers I see.

Total = 3 😐

Total = 6 🙂

Total = 9 😀

If alphabets bedevil the sequence, I code them and then add.

4. Siht is tahw sneppah

One of the voices in my head turns around English words, especially when I’m talking to myself. Ew evah snoitasrevnoc ekil siht. And if voice makes a spelling mistake, others step in with the correct one. I started this quite early and it does improve your spellings (not that I ever had bad spellings). If you want to read my great writings, you now know how. Ylno ni hsilgne hguoht .

5. Not of Jeannie

I dream. This seems to be fairly a common quirk from what I’ve been reading. At the risk of being accused of plagiarism, I confess. Day, night it doesn’t matter. I dream when in drive, when I eat. I have even been known to dream during particularly bad exams. Content censored.

6. Pee perils

Most of my readers will know my bladder problems. Sometimes they are self created. I set deadlines (short term obviously) and refuse to pee till the task is met. Like finishing a book. Or like cleaning my room till it is symmetric. Or till I finish posting. Enough said.

If you think I need help, help me. If you think I am normal, kindly get in touch with my parents and inform them. They will give you lots of sweets.



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16 responses to “Kvirk

  1. adi

    hmmm, you still think you ain’t a geek?

  2. buddy

    @liberal: u think? maybe u arent normal too :P@adi: grrrrrr

  3. sthitapragnya

    Love your book review! 😛 I do that too. I smell it and then turn to the back cover. If I find that the back of the book is empty, it bothers me so much that I feel urged to grab a pen and scribble something on it. I just can’t stand an empty backed book. Every book must have a printed back cover. Period.I know a friend who shares your first quirk! He’s probably worse than you are.And yes, I second adi here! 😛

  4. maami

    Siht si gninethgirf i yas!

  5. swatimala

    lol, lol!!

  6. buddy

    @karthik: u and ur tag! and books must have a printed back cover.totally agree@maami: yhw? yldnik nialpxe.@swatimala: 🙂

  7. Karthikk

    Strange enough but I share your first quirk, but I am not that bad though…

  8. vitruvian

    alab!uoy era dreiw!!! 😛

  9. maxdavinci

    Usually I can be found touching things with both handsI cudn’t stop laffin and had to go out to the lawn fro a min! but new respect after the spellings, alphabet adding and book smelling!wo gaad ganesha!

  10. maami

    S’ts yrev railimaf; a tib ekil em!

  11. buddy

    @karthikk: :(@vitruvian: it is driew…dont worry, with practice u will learn@max: see i did make you laugh!@maami: emoclew ot eht bulc! 🙂

  12. padmaja

    I think you’re normal!!

  13. buddy

    You r so sweet! Thanks 🙂

  14. Fat Gujju!

    I think i had a comment posted here …bala plz explain where it is>?

  15. Liberal

    @buddyNormal…that’s way too dull for me!

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