I crack bad jokes. Really bad ones, and then I get responses berating me.

Thoo he says, haak thu another one spits, thu she says delicately reminiscent of her mellifluous voice, aiye thu another one pings.

Naturally it got me thinking. So many variations just in a spit, whod’ve thought! But then my online friends are like that. Varied in their means to a similar end (essentially expressing opinions about me). I learn. Constantly from them, the delicate art of this chatting. I have been a diligent student and incorporate all their small mannerisms in my own language. Hey, wassup, sup, hi, kanna, doood, *****,****** all greetings. I take them in good spirit, after all the words we use online must make up for the lack of flesh and blood, and the voice. This talking online transcends barriers of sorts, language for instance, gender too. All busily twisting available resources to express opinions.

Talk of chatting and I must mention the ubiquitous emoticon. I used the limited ones available in gtalk, but my resourceful friends come up with more. She taught me the :|. Something without which I wonder how I ever chatted in the past. Whether to counter an opinion, or to endorse it. To scold, encourage or just fill in the gap between two timestamps. He, a most recent friend, said :O. I loved it. The piggy eyes over an open mouth. I express surprise similarly now. Most handy it is, the :O. Another one uses πŸ™‚ naturally making me smile. :-/ to express his stymied status after his girl is through with him.

β€œKhoop milega rang jab mil baithenge teen yaar, aap main aur youtube” It’s true. I spend all the time pasting links into that little blue box, and so does my friend. Talk a lot we may but our secret vice is in doing this. No video is spared, his extensive talents also include digging up little known lost videos, so chatting with him always leaves me like πŸ™‚

And then there is the other half of this blog, the formidable vitruvian. We have chats that no one can understand, least of all us. On glimpsing the green dot near our names, both of us start typing inordinately large amounts of information, burdening the little chat box, not caring in the least of the other listens or not. Then we backtrack and read. Then we crack silly jokes. And just when we are having fun she decides to promptly log off. So they end, on a note of hopeless confusion, and assumed future clarifications.

The :O friend also says lol to my supposed attempts at humour. LOL if it is particularly rib-tickling. ROTFL’s, LMAO’s and heehaws follow. They do make me laugh. I am becoming slowly, an extension of my online self. Sadly a friend of mine once mistook my muhahahaha as muuah. I was confounded. Like this 😐 or perhaps a better sequence of alphabets and symbols was wanting. But I am neither as imaginative nor as resourceful. So I just rely on words to do the needful. Call me old fashioned if you will.

Chatting with people of high office is a challenge. Mainly cuz u cant do this. Or evn hav tyops. So 1 must be clareful. Most high office people however stick to stiff emails, Leaving the dominion of chatting to us lesser peoples. So we do as we please, laugh, cry πŸ˜₯ :(( and as she does , x-( and go through the motions of life all in the little blue box. Orange always was associated with the Indian flag (for those not subtle enough to appreciate the delicate hue of saffron), sanyasis and a political party. Now orange means someone has graced you with their ping and it hangs there, unanswered. Orange dots mean the person at the other end is on the phone. And try however I may, I am unable to get my status to be orange at my will. It is upto the great algorithm inside google. Most sensitive it is, the mere shadow of my finger makes it green, unless I am red. Which has no effect on the pingers, or the pingee. And then there are those who like to have the first and last word. Like him and her. Always invisible, pulling strings, watching you be green, orange and green again, quietly smirking at your futile machinations. They greet, talk and before you know it they are gone. Or maybe they just like to play with me. Anyways, that is no mere power they wield.

Days of chatting have left my fingers longing for evermore. I treasure these online meetings and the friendship that logging in brings. Foulweather or fine, Orange, Red, Green or naught, they are there for me, talking, teaching me, and being there for me. Always.

PS: More than half my blogroll chats, and I credit them as a major inspiration for this post. Yes it is you I am talking about, you know who you are.



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17 responses to “Ping

  1. chocoliciousgal


  2. sthitapragnya

    aawwww…shoo techching i say! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  3. vitruvian

    πŸ™‚ 😐 :O πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  4. maami


  5. buddy

    @chocoliciousgal: ;)@sthitapragnya: touching? how?@vitruvian: :D@maami: &^(%)^#$@~…@swatimala: awww? bhalo…

  6. adi

    damage panittan da!

  7. Prashanti :)

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ :O dont think these are all I know πŸ˜› . nice one btw what happened after ur fren mistook ur muhahaha as muaah ??????? you leave interesting things untouched 😦 ….Prashanti.

  8. maxdavinci

    is extensive talents also include digging up little known lost videosI wonder if youtube may ban us for stealing maximum bandwidth of their servers!but then with this post you ‘somewhere touched me’. I know it sound’s corny, but makes sense when you translate in tamizh!PS: Mr.LOL didn’t seem to like it!

  9. buddy

    @elusive: :|@adi: damage aa? u should be weeping with gratitude..$%^&%**^*&#$@prashanti: ask no Questions, and ull be told no lies :P@max: leyts keep the secrets! youtube is definitely banning us!and MR lol is an ass!

  10. Nandini Vishwanath

    😐 I learnt it from her too, the melliflous one. The 'lol' boykku romba lollu pole irukku< Am so sure you are a Tam, and a grad student>Mine is πŸ˜› btw!

  11. buddy

    hahayes lol boy ku lollu romba jaasthiyes and yes to both your assertions:P

  12. Srividya

    enlightening … from the enlightened 0:-) | | |—–> Halo

  13. buddy

    @sruvidya: i have halo too see see 0:-)@liberal:thanks

  14. Fat Gujju!

    “just fill in the gap between two timestamps” —Good one!”And just when we are having fun she decides to promptly log off” — does happen wid me, jus whn d actualy fun begins, mebbe it is purposefully done!”It is upto the great algorithm inside google” — liked it!”On glimpsing the green dot near our names, both of us start typing inordinately large amounts of information, burdening the little chat box,” — ROFL …. :D… nice!”Always invisible, pulling strings, watching you be green, orange and green again, quietly smirking at your futile machinations” —- 143 for this sentence!dude good one …. rite something of this kind not some flimsy lines of poetry written above!… :Dnonetheless … sexy stuff!!!

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