Today is one year since I started blogging. And hence, it is time for the mandatory reminiscence post. I could talk about a year gone by and how seasons fly and all that. I could talk about drafts sitting about, words waiting for release. Of songs and singing, of geographical mishaps and maamis. Of temples, travels and meetings. I could unleash a flurry of cheap jokes or write something really profound (both of which I am capable of).

And then again I don’t feel like writing about any of these things, which is precisely why I am doing this whimsical post, hoping that if I linger on those drafts long enough, I won’t have to write them.

Every year leaves its mark in various ways. Some mysterious, some blindingly obvious. And being humans it is a must for us to age and to learn. Make newer mistakes and get over older ones. Fall in love, fall out of it, and go through the entire gamut of emotions (dont’ try this alone at home though). As clichéd as it may seem, writing this mush-ridden post is good. Or so I tell myself.

I have always been writing. I wrote for newspapers (my finest hour), wrote for trashy publications, worded pamphlets for Shantala cooking classes and have written introductions for babas and God-maamis. And publicity shy that I am (Ya right!), I never thought of blogging at all. T’was a fine cold day of -17 when she persuaded me to blog, she would have gladly got a gun to my head but a few thousand miles saved me then. She was to whom I cribbed about my blogging ambitions and the Einstein that she is, she created the blog, sent me the URL and left me to post. Thanks are in due. Also to him, My fiercest critic, foulweather friend and intellectual blogger himself.

Thinking back in time and getting a little philosophical this blog couldn’t have happened at a better time. Instead of being a Tom-Riddlesque diary for my misplaced feelings it has turned out rather fine I think. I have read some great stuff in other blogs and rather surprisingly made great friends, got me in touch with some older ones and made my ancient grandfather click his way here to read whatever the hell I write.

So here’s to a year of blogging, wishing for more to come and lots more to read.




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21 responses to “One

  1. maxdavinci

    ha first!amen to the great frnds part, found some reallly gud ones via bloghopping!

  2. kusublakki

    “I could unleash a flurry of cheap jokes or write something really profound (both of which I am capable of)” – no doubts whatsoever :Panyways congratulations!!!!! urs is one of the finest blogs i have ever read and i look forward to a year full of amazing posts from you 🙂

  3. Gradwolf

    congrats!Of course you’ve always been writing. You are professional, miles ahead of any of us.

  4. buddy

    @max: :D@kusublakki: self praise works best! wot say? ;)@gradwolf: Thanks, but shantala cooking classes isn’t writing really.

  5. padmaja

    Hey, congrats!! I’ve enjoyed ur posts always! Keep it going!

  6. sthitapragnya

    Spot on about the great fraandsheeps part! It’s the best thing blogs gave me. Anyway, as previously admitted, I read ur entire blog twice, which goes on to show what I think of it. So keep’em coming! Happy First Birthday! My blog, just as young or old as yours, still wears diapers! :-/

  7. Elusive

    happy blog anniversary!

  8. Vivek

    Just one year!Elders may say that you have evolved in writing but thats where I ask wats the diff?:DGO on to next year!

  9. Coconut Chutney

    more, more! 🙂

  10. Prashanti :)

    CONGRATS!!!!! Okay, I put this post in the profound list…. Can we please have the trashy jokes now ????

  11. swatimala

    awwww…mushy +funny

  12. Karthikk

    such a modest first year celebration!!! congrats!!!

  13. Dandilsa

    Congrats! I love your url btw 🙂

  14. buddy

    @padmaja: its ppl like you that keep me going!@karthik: thanks! :D@elusive: Thanks@Vivek: i need more evolution?@chutney: sure sure!@Prashanti: you dont know what u r bargaining for!@swatimala: thanks again@karthikk: i am the most modestest :P@Dandilsa: Thanks. & Thanks

  15. Nandini Vishwanath

    Congrats 🙂 And hey, you should so go professional! And a toast to blog friendships 🙂

  16. buddy

    @nandidi: yes! Toast to blog fraandships!!and u always keep saying that! not fair!

  17. varali

    Here’s to more writing! Well done!

  18. dharmabum

    congratulations!btw, what is ‘intellectual blogging’? or was it a reference more to the person…just curious!

  19. buddy

    @varali: thanks!@dharmabum: well i meant the blogger more than the blogging, but blogging can be intellectual too no?

  20. dharmabum

    to me, all writing is, for i am to think that we tend to display our intellectual capabilities in areas that we have a nnutral affinity towards…these of course, may have been due to our natural predisposition and the general conditioning that we have been subjected to.

  21. workhard

    Enjoy reading your posts, will be back! Haiku Poems

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