“So we broke up. I mean it wasn’t so much breaking up dint work out ok “

I nodded sagely. The mall around buzzed with activity. Young lovers held hands, leery youths looked on partly intrigued, partly repulsed. Fat aunties splurged their husbands assets seeming to be hep and an anachronistic chaatwaala pushing his cart settled in front of Mocha. She carelessly brushes her hair off her face and looked again. I was listening, coz this was the first time she was willing to talk about it. they had been the envy of the college. She the babe of chiffon dreams, he the life of every mehefil. He wooed her bollywood style, she left him hollywood style. Like a 1920’s actress, tormented. Seeking deliverance.

She has always been some sort of an enigma. Not in the girly way and. No femme fatale buisness for her. simply put a mystery. In all those years of friendship none of us knew where exactly she lived, what her parents did (her behaviour most likely suggested a super dysfunctional one). She never asked for love nor gave any away. He was free to woo her and she was free to indulge in him. She did so. And then she gave it all away in a disinterested way.

He drinks like a fish now. Apparently. Smokes till ethereal smoke consume him. In that darkness of tears and the sweat of his weariness only she resonates. And yet in that chaos that one calls Bombay, they met at the local station and looked gravely. Held hands and caught together that fast local to the sunset.

I havent been smoking anything. True friend. True story. I tried to recreate the mood of the moment. I think its safe to say I have failed miserably.



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21 responses to “Shrouds

  1. Gradwolf

    and for the record you called this rubbish?

  2. maxdavinci

    Yeh Dil Pighla Ke Saaz Bana LoonDhadkan Ko Awaz Bana LoonSmoking Smoking Nikle Re DhooanSeene Mein Jalti Hai Armanon Ki ArthiArrey What To Tell You Darling Kya HuaArrey Sapne Dekhe Jannat KePar Mitti Mein Mil JaenPhooken Re Ghar Baar Ki DuniyaKo Bole Good ByeChad Jae Haye AllahJisko Bhi Yeh BukhaarBol Bol Why Did You Ditch MeZindagi Bhi Lele Yaar Kill MeJao Pia Jao Pia Jao PiaTauba Tera Jalwa, Tauba Tera PyarTera Emosanal Attyachaar!

  3. kusublakki

    nice nice….y is gradwolf the first to comment all the time?? 😦

  4. vitruvian

    its time u took up the weed!! 😛

  5. Vivek

    Heh Train into the sunset?Bombay in the old western Style? :DHow come you weren’t there for moral and emotional support!:(Poor her!

  6. dharmabum

    love and all that balh!! sometimes i think we take life too seriously. specially in matters of love. what is there if we fall out of love? i think the moment we fall in love, we start prearing for falling out of it. those who stick on after that, are jus putting up, coz they want to put up with it all, just for the bits and pieces of leftover love…don’t worry, be hippy…and totally off tangent – am waiting for some feminist to come up here and blast you for automatically assuming that the auntys relied on the husbands’ wealth. 😀

  7. Prashanti :)

    beautiful post….and its so sad to hear of one more story where the break up causes such sad happenings in ones life ….

  8. Idling in Top Gear

    Good post. Enjoyed it.

  9. sthitapragnya

    Zubaan pe dard bhari daastaan chali aayee. I louwes it! Someone is an ought-to-be-burnt-on-stake bewafaa!

  10. buddy

    @gradwolf: no i call it shrouds :P@max: -plays band baja music@kusublakki: get a reader!! and dint u fall asleep?@vitruvian: “high” time :D@vivek: she went with himm! i need the support… :(@dharmabum: oh shit u scared me now! no feminists please, we are indian! there i go again!!@Prashanti: well they did get back together so not all sad@iitg: welcome. and thanks@karthik:lol. Thanks

  11. Liberal

    nice post…i am rackin my brains to see who could this be abt..not gettin it

  12. Nandini Vishwanath

    I have a reader and am always the last.Nice 🙂 The term ‘anachronistic chatwala’ – hmm…

  13. buddy

    @liberal: vidu..unakku theriyadhu@nandini: hahahahayes anachronistic he was

  14. Liberal

    nice for recreating that moment..only those know who felt it…having said that, u did a splendid job

  15. rosemilkinabottle

    I have a reader too and I’m laster :Plovely as always!

  16. swatimala

    r u sure this wasnt written after watching DEV D

  17. Coconut Chutney

    I liked this. I don’t know what I liked in particular but…somehow. What weed are you smoking? I’d like to try it too.

  18. buddy

    @rosemilk: danke@swatimala: no no..but the songs kinda helped :P@chutney: no no no. nee chinna NO.

  19. padmaja

    hey, don’t be so modest! that was beautiful!

  20. workhard

    Awwe, Better to have loved and lost than to never been loved at all,,, blah, blah blah ..i know you gonna ask me to say SHUT UP!!!!! Read poems

  21. RukmaniRam

    oooh. “He wooed her bollywood style, she left him hollywood style.” ooh.cpatcha is “dementro”. funny coincidence.

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