Red room presence requested now the message blinked. All round the room there was a flurry of activity. Samir woke up from his deep revere and blinked stupidly, all the others were already on their way. M was there with his ubiquitous sheaf of papers.

Sarika Khanna was trained in espionage. Tall, fair with hazel eyes, every time M looked at her he felt a surge of testosterone. Ususally she prowled Chandini chowk in salwar-kameez, speaking unchaste Punjabi, on her activa.

Aman Khan. Liaison officer. Hard to believe that the soft spoken man could stop hardcore gangsters in their tracks. His Arabic was a definite asset in these troubled times, especially when most trouble stemmed from the near west. It always irked M how it was the ’Middle East’, even though it was clearly to the west. But then lots of things had irked M more lately.

Vani Ganapathy. Msc Physics, IISc. halfway through her Phd. M picked her up noting her extreme analytical skills, would she like to work for the country’s think tank? Sure…did it exist though? Over pav bhaji and lassi he explained to her the intricacies of the organization. How the CBI and the government had created it, sometime in the 60’s. It was hard to believe that even in a country as corrupt and as underdeveloped there existed a think tank to rival any nation’s. Some of the country’s finest brains, heavy funding (some of it illegal, M smirked as he thought of all he had done) and the governments unending support, they had established it. In the mess that is old Delhi, in one of its many ancient mazes was a house no 14 approachable only by scooter and within an seemingly innocuous home lay some of the most sophisticated piece of computers the country had ever seen.

Shruti Deshpande. Weilded the rolling pin and a gun with equal ease. The team loved her food, she loved to cook. She churned out exotic dishes with alarming regularity and most team successes were celebrated at her South Delhi pad.

Samir Sinha. IIT Kanpur. IIM Ahemdabad. No one knew more about contemporary India more than he. With his vast knowledge and experience in espionage he was more the father everyone looked up to. The world often failed to realize just how deeply India was involved. Often it projected itself as a struggling third world nation occasionally throwing out a Pokhran or a Chandrayaan at the world news, a few inches in some papers. Foolish pop-fiction had glorified Jason monk, failing to point out to the quiet Raj’s and Shalini’s laboring away for Indian (and sometimes world) safety. 9/11, the capture of Laden (M’s smile would often turn into a laugh, whenever he thought of this) the eventual liberation of Myanmar planned, the dealing of LTTE, life went on (it was her birthday next week, he had to buy her a gift how would she like the head of the b****** responsible for the Mumbai blasts?).



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12 responses to “Cadence

  1. kusublakki

    After all the psycho-analysis..nice post! Waiting for part 2 🙂

  2. Gradwolf

    why is it tagged ‘girl’?what are you trying? Do you know Vani Ganapathy is a dancer and ex wife of Kamal Haasan?I see a collective influence of James Bond, Good Will Hunting, and crappy Hindi movies.Why is it called Cadence? Is it rhythm or is it your electronic folks transistor coloring software? :p

  3. sthitapragnya

    Dude!! Is this the opening to your book? Brilliant! PS: BTW, the title and post content relation unclear. Pliss to explain to my pea brain.

  4. swatimala

    wowww!!!this was different 4m what u usually write…good work though

  5. Nandini Vishwanath

    Engrossing 🙂 Though funny that everyone is from the IIT and the IIM. They need people like us – ordinary who can stalk other people’s online activities :PI volunteer for a character called Nandini P.S – Make me slim and sexy, will you?

  6. buddy

    @kusublakki: 😐 i donno if theres going to be a part 2!@gradwolf: 1. because there r girls in trying to be a desi ludlum3. yes. also sarika and shruti are also inspired form the women in his life, so there4.true, M and all is electronics colouring software. very related to espionage! :|@karthik: all will be clear in time :)@swatimala: thanks..wanted to do something different@nandidni: u r hilarious! amen to ordinary ppl..nandini character…im thinking now

  7. Prashanti :)

    hmm…. nice post and all ppl from hi-fi schools huh … no grad students returned from US after finishing a course based masters and using the skills earned working in late night gas stations????what does the title mean ????

  8. Vivek

    Absolute PULP FICTION!Had to stay focused to understand.:DYou really writing a book?Interesting.Whats it bout?A desperate attempt to save mankind or do you not write fiction?

  9. maxdavinci

    loved the descriptive, but the title n its relevance went beyond my pea-brain.plz-to-exp over MI6 eh? nice i likey!

  10. Liberal

    dude, sometimes u can be so corny! Interesting but, far from your best work!

  11. padmaja

    Nice thought!! Please do a part 2!

  12. Fat Gujju!

    i thot u will continue describing tht female in chudidaar on activa!… alas… u disappoint me… do u forget tht all action flicks hav amzing chicks worth describing in engrossin details… n i no u r good at it!…for everythign else … sexy post….

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