It was afternoon when I walked in. She was there sitting with her legs splayed, a violin resting delicately over her shoulder gracelessly obscuring her lithe body behind wood and string. I has always seen her hair as a wet collection ending in little droplets that ran down to her skirt at the temple, today however they were dry, and beautiful though a tad colourless. Lengthy strands moved lightly near her face, and one troublesome bunch strayed across her eye, she brushed it casually eyes sparkling with the promise of music to come.

“I’m really rusty you know. Not proficient or anything, I just dug this out today”

And then with the incongruence that betrayed her shyness she blurted out

“Lets jam”

She slowly began, her arm moving in a rhythm, gently poking me every time she moved up an octave. I was captivated. By the music as well.

Absorption into music comes suddenly. One moment you are there listening to ordinary sounds, the telephone, people moving about, the trees rustling and the next second you are spellbound, stuck within a world without any escape. What happens in those few seconds of rapture I know not but the realization of having been lost in music always comes about as wondrous and novel. She moved through familiar notes quickly and I was humming at the crescendo I squeaked. She opened her eyes her large black orbs moving about a little shocked a first, with the intrusion of this alien note in her world of rich sounds, then a little apologetic.

“I’ll shift lower, how do you want it?…no no sing. I’ll continue”

And I slowly found strength to go over those notes with her. Shyly at first barely audible, then moving about cautiously as if testing the raga for endurance before breaking out, into full throated exuberance. Faster and faster she moved her arm, keeping up with my new found tempo across Shankarabharanam and Mohanam. Unawares except for constant poking of my chest by her elbow, dimly aware of her presence and completely ensconced within the confines of a few notes. Her string snapped with a sudden twang at Hamsadhwani when our eyes met. I was in a cold sweat.



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23 responses to “Love

  1. Gradwolf

    whatever rudy hell that was, it was brilliant! I am sorry but if you keep writing like this, my comment are gonna sound repetitive…

  2. chocoliciousgal

    Dude…ru Hungover. Omg that was like a totally amazingg post…Amazing :).

  3. buddy

    @gradwolf: thanks. just trying to reach your style!@chocoliciousgal: completely sane not hungover..yet:Pthanks

  4. kusublakki

    Fabulous!! Brilliant!! And everything else nice 🙂

  5. Nandini Vishwanath

    OMGThat was AMAZING man. I still dunno how you write like this. It gave me goosebumps. I read so slowly towards the end!!

  6. Chiju

    Too good! i read it twice to get the feel right and the second time i realized that it was WOW!i need to use a dictionary to understand your blog completely! learning quite a few words… thanks for that! 🙂

  7. dandilsa

    This was so poetic and romantic! This post certainly "struck a chord" with me,I was also the singer trying to keep pace!

  8. chutney

    Forgive this petty intrusion into your prolific post, but I think you should have replied "no, lets butter" when she said "lets jam". 😀 Once again, forgive me. Couldn't resist. Brilliant post, btw. 🙂

  9. chutney

    Forgive this petty intrusion into your prolific post, but I think you should have replied "no, lets butter" when she said "lets jam". 😀 Once again, forgive me. Couldn't resist. Brilliant post, btw. 🙂

  10. swatimala

    interesting and beautiful 🙂

  11. maxdavinci

    yor posts are like a kothewali doin a mujra.ever teasing, and just when you think shez gonna reveal herself, teh routine is over with an aadaab!as far as compliments go, thats the best I can give….

  12. Arunk

    very charming and nice – wish I could write like this.Arun

  13. Liberal

    really good…please put more punctuation though..sometimes I am left deciphering!

  14. Karthikk

    dude, amazing.. hope to write like you someday… very well put!!! i would like to know if this is fact or fiction though :P.. i could picture the entire scenario not with you in the lead but a better looking person 😛

  15. sthitapragnya

    A new love sprouts with every new dawn! 😛 Brilliant! But, I second liberal on the punctuations.

  16. buddy

    @kusublakki: thanks@nandini: glad u liked it neuoght to get goosebumps!@chiju: will try to use simpler words next time. thanks@dandilsa: where carnatic music, you cannot be far behind!@chutney: you grace us with your dazzling wit yet again, thanks@swatimala: thanks@max: honoured. thanks@arunk: thanks@liberal: thanks and will do better next time!@karthikk: this is what you get! live with it! and thanks@sthithapragnmya: i have as many loves as there are raagas 🙂 thanks and will be careful abt the .,;"'

  17. Anjana R

    I love Carnatic music. What a sublime and poignant read this was. Sort of like Kaapi during the rainy season.

  18. Kamini

    Fantastic! It is but rarely that one has an experience like the one you have described so beautifully.

  19. buddy

    @anjana: Thank you@kamini: Nothing beats good music.

  20. Ms Taggart

    One word – Beautiful!!!Really beautiful! I wish this was true! :)My first time here, and I am bowled over.. Now I am going to rummage through the archives for such gems! 🙂

  21. foreigndesi

    Wow, that was an awesome read!

  22. buddy

    @ms Taggart: Welcome. Thanks :)@foreign desi: Welcome and enjoy!

  23. kedar

    you give published authors a run for their advances.

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