There and back again

Dedication to writing is one thing I admittedly lack, as evidenced by the gaps in my blog archives. I would rather it have at least four posts every month and be a neat 48 to close a year but then life rarely moves in symmetrical progressions. Nastiness abounds in various forms and blogging is the first casualty too often. I admire some who keep managing to spew words out week after week irrespective of what offerings they chew in life. A recent blogging behavior of mine has been to trash almost everything I write as un-blogworthy. As a result of this incessant trashing I lost focus of what was blogworthy and gave up writing altogether rather than face complex theological conundrums.

I blog because I write. And when writing itself is stilted, blogging automatically stops. Why then , I thought to myself in a rare moment of self introspection did I not write anymore? Writing is impulsive stemming from a momentous inspiration I reflected. Images, people, words, music and all of the aspects that go on to making our daily life are reflected in one bright nanosecond of a realization that writers expound in words.

Or writing springs from a carefully collected repository of ideas. Ideas that have been examined for fallacies and stored. Ideas that are to be written about because of their very fallaciousness, ideas that are hilarious and ideas that are profoundly interesting. But this would involve a certain degree of discarding time since reflections are rarely pertinent to the current real world. These I like to write and there is a certain degree of comfort that comes from dipping into ones thoughts and not having to worry about how those fit in with the times.

The cynic in me then pops his head to say that I write merely for an audience. I shamelessly concur. What art is not driven by the thought of praise or of moving the masses? Although it will take a lot more than my pedestrian prose to move masses I yearn to see my words in print, with my name bolded. So the lack of a discerning audience is the real reason for my intermittent hiatuses. There is a part of me that still thinks that writing that is for fame’s sake must be shallow and will cause the well of ideas to dry up as a vengeful curse, very indicative of my minds medieval weirdness. A small conscience wanted to write for humanity when the cynic replies that words do not fill stomachs.

So I a fit of cognitive blogging I write about writing thus metablogging and also pushing another of my digressive ramblings into blog archives. Here’s to hoping the metaphorical well never has to dry up again!



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13 responses to “There and back again

  1. swatimala

    u remember those unseen passages we had in school…u could write those very welljokes apart, i wish u continue rambling forever as ur rambling is very entertaining

  2. Gradwolf

    dei what is this!!! Get your act together and start writing about drives around Syracuse..

  3. maxdavinci

    hey buddy, long time pinged me to go read a new post you wrote, but I cant seem to find it yaar.chalo, ping me again when you really write one.

  4. Karthikk

    dude, writing is for your own sake!!! i completely see what you are talking about, keep writing you have a great audience from what i see, moreover 20 years down the line you will be proud when you smile at your blog archives

  5. Karthikk

    i have been writing some trash of late and have been reading a lot of blogs, amazing how you neatly justify each of your posts, somehow i just cannot stand unjustified, neatly paragraphed text 🙂

  6. Chiju

    I believe there is nothing called as unworthy blogging. One writes what he feels. Hell to others if they like it or not. However, I do accept that writing is momentous. It starts in a flash!Btw, with what you write, Idli Chutney can never have any unworthy entries. Keep Blogging for you! Keep Blogging for us! 🙂

  7. Liberal

    Come on man…blogging for an audience is fine..there has to be some incentive to write…yesterday's cynicism becomes today's pragmatism.All the same, you do write well no matter what your motivation.

  8. buddy

    @swatimala: all my profoundness has been reduced to an unseen passage! thanks :|@gradwolf: yes syracuse surprises someitmes@max: :|@karthikk: thanks man@chiju: thanks man!@liberal: amen to that & thanks

  9. kusublakki

    eesh bala! enna idu? its like mallika sherawath in polar bear outfit!

  10. chocoliciousgal

    Dude I think u write well…especially the funny stuff. All your humor based posts have managed to crack me up 🙂

  11. Nandini Vishwanath

    I quite disagree with everyone else here. I think even this is written pretty well. You've managed to capture your angst pretty well here. It takes a lot to write about what one really 'feels versus give out opinions or write stories. Not to take the merit of other kinds of writing, it is indeed tough to come across as this: lucid about your feelings and almost clear.

  12. vitruvian

    Bala.. I have hardly met anyone as articulate as you…You can manage to make 'Confusion sound Clear'…But about for whom you write…it varies…as long as you do..its all cool! :)Cheers Bala!

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