There is a moment in the Harry Potter universe when the transition occurs from childish tomfoolery to dark sorcery. It happens with the advent of dementors and is sharply defined at the moment when we learn what a dementor’s kiss is. The obscenity of the act, the soul sucking ness of the situation all begin clouding the fictional universe until it grieves under the weight of its own grime four books later. There is a similar moment in the inception when we learn what ‘limbo’ is. The ramifications of being in limbo are terrifying, never mind that Leonardo DiCaprio has been there, done that. Nevere mind that when the said limbo is encountered in the movie it seems about as terrifying as a frogs’ leg. Nontheless the idea of a soulless body going about its business (even if by its own choice) is what defines an edge of terror to what is otherwise essentially a caper movie.

Inception treads the fine line between being too complex and too simple. It is gripping enough with a taut storyline and throws up enough questions for you to want to google stuff about it. There is always an advantage while working with already slippery ideas. Things about which we know so less, we take for granted any assumptions made in that field, and yet dreaming is as integral to our physiology as its master, sleep.



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8 responses to “Inception

  1. welcome to my world!

    buddy: Thanks

  2. liberalcynic

    Gradwolf is contagious! That part about the Dementor’s Kiss turning the HP books from boys to men is quite insightful. The sheer vulgarity of stealing someone’s soul through an act of supreme violation is something that only Rowling can put through in a book that even children can read. I liked your bite-sized review of the movie. You’re right, it was simple enough and complex enough!

    buddy: Gradwolf is also inimitable, I try to review though. Thanks

  3. “..and throws up enough questions for you to want to google stuff about it”

    and google redefines what is “interesting”

    as an aside: what ever happened to “katha kathaiyaam kaaranamaam, kaaranathil oredamaam”?

    buddy: yes if you are interested enough to google, the googlent/googlee has your attention

  4. I like the HP analogy for the ‘limbo’… is an unnerving concept! your capsule review has more teeth than many I’ve read 🙂

    buddy: Thats generous praise! Thanks

  5. Dandilsa

    I like the comparison! You summed up the whole thing perfectly with that analogy.

    buddy: ty

  6. If The Silmarillion were ever to be made into a movie, Nolan should direct it.

    buddy: Peter Jackson has proved himself so far

  7. Lex

    When I slept in the class, it wasn’t to help Leo LiCaprio

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