His mind has often burned. With single minded passion: anger, jealousy, loneliness, with unbounded ferocity. His mind has even burned with regret and guilt. And once, on a clear cold night, the very sight of the plump full-moon sent him burning with madness. Hence he knew all the ways in which his mind burnt. He recognized the onslaught. He knew the signs. He sensed the seed of the fire, the manner of its catching flames. He knew the marks it left upon his heart. For days the fire would burn steadily, consuming him from the inside. Eventually it would explode within, without warning in a bloom of torment. Outside he maintained his passive disposition. Walking among fallen yellow flowers, the walls of his heart wilted and walking over cackling dried leaves his arteries surged with red hot blood. He even knew who was burning within. Jealousy simmered. Anger flared. Loneliness waxed and waned, came and went, lingered when he was with company and mercilessly assaulted him in his solitude. Then there was the dragging flame of guilt, with ashen embers flaming suddenly, poking him in private corners of his heart, uninvited.


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6 responses to “Fire

  1. A&N

    Wow. Boy, can you write or what! However, I’d like to know what sparked this off.

  2. idlichutney

    Thanks! nothing in particular, just some train of thought

  3. Swatimala

    who or what inspired this?

  4. someone’s on a fiery roll!

  5. liberalcynic

    Hmm…interesting. Seems like you had a good thought to start with, but if I may, I think your analogies and your images aren’t agreeing too well here (exploding, bloom, torment). I dunno, but maybe the idea would’ve crystallized better had you gone on to write more. Also if the passion of the burning is single-minded, does that mean the anger/jealousy/loneliness aren’t coexisting? I’m a little confused on that. Again, I think the temperature (for lack of a better word) in this write-up would’ve stabilized if you had written more. I don’t even know if this comment helps or even means anything!

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