Words lurk  behind images, words live in stories untold. Words that roll off the edge of a leaf like dew and those that fall like the silent snow. Words live in mundane objects, words live behind emotions and words live in our minds. This space is a destination for those words.  Some pithy, some profound, some meaningless, some incoherent.


Contact: buddyiyer@gmail.com


5 responses to “About

  1. Bhesh! Bhesh!! I likes yous ‘About me’s!!

  2. Viral Doshi

    Oye, you moved here?… only u or even sneha??… hmmm.. this seems to be a bttr place for blogging… nice about me u hav penned.. or shud i say keyboarded 😛

  3. Viral Doshi

    one more thing… pink flower as d foto?… !!

  4. I loved it…nicely written ‘About Me’ 🙂

  5. liberalcynic

    Oye…it has been over a month, either invent a new semiconductor (or whatever it is that you hardware boys do!), or write a blog post!

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